Give 10 Percent

Some organisations give away a portion of their profits but that doesn’t give a clear line of sight to their customers. Blacknell Ventures (BV) gives away 10% of its net revenue to various charities and causes  with a with a similar aim and vision to its own – engaging people in the world of work. In particular, BV tries to support ventures in their early stages of development, who “help create more work, help people find work, equip people to work or make work a more engaging experience”. 

If you pay BV £1,000 before VAT and expenses, BV will give away £100 to a cause or charity.

BV has provided seed funding to the following:


BV is supporting the new Spear Centre in Bethnal Green. Spear’s vision is “to ignite a ‘vision of the possible’ in unemployed young people, to build their confidence and ability to effect life-changing choices; and to develop their leadership potential within the local community.” Spear is a project of Resurgo Trust which exists to galvanise neighbourhood transformation in London and beyond.


Christians Against Poverty to launch CAP Job Clubs in March 2013. CAP Job Clubs help the unemployed find work. There are now 72 CAP Job Clubs across the UK


Wapisasa – a Community Interest Company that aims to benefit young people whose potential for digital aptitude and employability has not been realised within the current academic structures

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